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  • £ 20.00 per licence

    Basic Fire Safety Awareness

    Approved by RoSPA, IFE & CPD
    Duration 60 mins*

    This course explains, in brief, why fires occur and what actions you must take to help prevent them starting and the actions you must take when they do. By completing this course you will be making your workplace a safer environment.

  • £ 20.00 per licence

    Fire Extinguisher

    Approved by RoSPA & CPD
    Duration 25 mins*

    Learn how to identify the different types of fire extinguishers that might be installed within your workplace and what situations they might be used in. At the end of the final module you will be presented with a simulation that will test what you've learnt.

  • £ 20.00 per licence

    Fire Marshal

    Approved by RoSPA & CPD
    Duration 220 mins*

    The main outcome of this training course is to provide you with the knowledge to carry out the functions of a fire marshal. - Please note, this course also contains all of the content in the Basic Fire Awareness and Fire Extinguisher courses.

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*The course duration is based on the amount of video content shown and is rounded off. It does not account in any way for loading time or thinking time on the questions